I help people to evolve, accelerate growth, and build resilience.

One on One Developmental Coaching

I have coached hundreds of men and women: executives, leaders, managers, artists, entrepreneurs, students, and coaches, in the public, corporate, and non-profit sectors, on personal and professional development topics, like leadership, team building, interpersonal communication and conflict, change management, managing stress and emotions, and finding the right path. I work with my clients to find the topic that really matters to them, and we co-create the journey of change.

All of my developmental coaching packages include:

-a free, 20 minute phone consultation,

-a coaching program and set of objectives specifically tailored for you, based on the topic of your choice,

-biweekly, 1-hour sessions, in person or via online videoconferencing,

-practices designed for you to facilitate your growth,

-increased self awareness,

-new skills and capabilities,

-a completion and integration plan.

Group Facilitation

I am available to create customized group facilitated sessions, on topics like improving group/team dynamics and facilitating through conflict and change. I use a variety of tools to inform my facilitation, including developmental theory and the enneagram personality system.


I teach mindfulness practice, including introduction to mindfulness, how to start a daily practice, techniques, overcoming challenges in practice, and understanding experiences that come up in meditation. I create and deliver customized workshops for individuals and groups.

Addiction Recovery Coaching

I take a developmental approach to recovery. I will help you to reconnect with the world, and figure out what is needed to thrive in your life. I work with people in all stages of recovery.

My addiction recovery coaching programs include: 

-a free, 20 minute phone consultation,

-a comprehensive recovery map for you, to help you build new skills and capabilities in your inner world, your relationships, your behaviour, your mind/body connection, and meditation,

-weekly or biweekly 1-hour coaching sessions, in person or via online videoconferencing,

-practices designed for you to facilitate your growth,

-increased self-awareness,

-a completion and integration plan.

Whether you are looking for one on one coaching, group facilitation, or mindfulness sessions, please reach out to me, and I will create the program that suits your needs.


Melissa Armstrong
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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