Wonder Recovery: A Program of Self Discovery for People in Recovery from Addictions. 

Refresh your perspective on your recovery.

Revive parts of yourself that you’ve forgotten. 

Like yourself more, and hate yourself less (scroll down to watch a video of me talking about this idea. 🖤)

The next session of Wonder Recovery is March 23 - May 11, 2021. Registration opens on February 1. Check back here or join my mailing list for info: melissa@strongarm.ca


In the Wonder Recovery 8-week online group coaching program, you will: 


  • Take new perspectives on your addiction and recovery story. 

  • Write about your addiction and recovery story (“write” might mean writing a story, writing a poem, writing a song, creating a collage, making a video. It’s totally up to you.)

  • Gain insight into your inner world, and look at the identities you have been inhabiting.

  • Learn about the addict archetype. 

  • Learn how to create a daily mindfulness practice.

  • Learn emotional processing and how to create positive emotion.

  • Learn how to manage stress and create a system of self care.

  • Upgrade your definition of recovery and what is possible for you. 

  • Connect with other people in recovery. 


Program Logistics:

  • Wonder Recovery includes: a live, 90 minutes group coaching and discussion call that I facilitate on Zoom,  writing and reflection exercises, and a private Facebook group to connect with your fellow participants to chat, ask questions of me throughout each week, and to support one another.

  • The next session of Wonder Recovery is March 23 - May 11, 2021. Registration opens on February 1.

Wonder Recovery is for you if:

  • You are in recovery from any form of addiction (like alcohol, drug, sex, or gambling addictions.) This program is inclusive of the many forms of addictions. 

  • You have a few weeks, or a few years of recovery, and you are looking for support, fierce compassion, and the challenge of looking at your darkness.

  • You want to make sense of your story.

  • You want to explore creativity and storytelling as a means to understand your recovery.

  • You want to feel better about yourself.

  • You feel like your recovery is stale, dull, and stagnating.

  • You have been looking for new ways to support your recovery.

  • You are interested in a growth oriented program of development. 

  • You want to feel more vital and have more fun.

Here is how previous participants describe Wonder Recovery:

'Wonder Recovery helps to illuminate and enhance the positive aspects of recovery.'

'It can serve as a scaffold to support the intentional construction of a substance-free life.'

'Super holistic type recovery program with many mindfulness tools. Small and intimate group with amazing participants as a reflection of Melissa’s deeply wise and super compassionate space holding. Ideal for deep dive in a very safe feeling environment and for those interested in recovery and mindfulness or Integral practice.'

'Wonder Recovery is about taking your recovery to a deeper level.'

Wonder Recovery Testimonial:

'It was the luckiest turn to participate in Wonder Recovery at nearing 3 months of sobriety and reeling still in every which way. The small intimate weekly deep dive had the safest feeling of immediate intimacy though the stories, ages, genders (and non-conforming gender like myself), types of addiction, etc. Because the content and the way that Melissa disarms and facilitates with so much wisdom and deep reflective compassion, the tone and the diverse atmosphere was enriching and not divisive or alienating. I know I’m not alone in having added so many new tools, techniques, and practices to my life and deeply bonded with all participants. The material covered is wildly rich and diverse also, and flows so nicely and intuitively over the 8 weeks. I’m so much more palpably dynamic and solid after integrating and continuing to integrate this material, and it’s hard to pinpoint the personality traits that make her an amazing coach and facilitator, but she has deep practice, expertise, care and curiosity for others' experience, while generously offering her own. Would highly recommend this program or any one on one time with Melissa.' - from Wonder Recovery participant C.T. Thorne.

Wonder Recovery probably isn’t for you if:

  • you can’t attend a majority of the sessions live, then this program isn’t for you. This coaching program is designed to be interactive with the other participants and with me, your coach. Wonder Recovery is about connection to other people, which can only happen live!

"If we consider it difficult for a healthy society to exist without the foundation of healthy individuals, it becomes imperative to recognize the political value of individual transformation." —Claudio Naranjo

What is Wonder Recovery, anyway?

You can think of your recovery from addiction like a mindfulness practice.

Slowly, but surely, you can improve your relationship with yourself 🖤


Every person’s recovery from addiction is distinct; no two recoveries are alike. Every recovering person has a remarkable life story, and I believe that it is important to reflect on and make sense of your story.

Recovery from alcoholism and addictions is a lifelong journey. I believe that an approach to recovery and to life must include personal development. I believe you have to care for your recovery. Your recovery must evolve and change over time, because you evolve. If you don’t keep tending to your recovery, you’ll become stagnant and unfulfilled.

I care about helping people get better at relating to themselves, and I care about helping people get better at relating to others. 

I think it’s important to understand yourself and nurture your inner life; to get better at relating to other people; to create a strong system of self care that will support you where you currently are in recovery, and to take ongoing action.


For the last few years, I’ve been exploring how I can best serve people in recovery through my coaching practice. In 2018, I ran an in-person group coaching program called “Integral Recovery Toronto” for people in recovery from addiction to build new skills and capabilities in: their inner worlds, relationships, behaviours, mind/body connection, and meditation.

Here are a couple of testimonials from that program: 

“If you want to strive not just survive in your recovery this is the program for you. It offers you the tools and resources to take your recovery to the next level. Melissa offers a soothing, calm environment where participants meditate, explore our thinking and offer suggestions regarding our recovery. Melissa has the ability to provide one on one coaching within the group and is not just your every day cut and paste program. She is very in tune with your needs and is an amazing facilitator and great listener. Her ability to navigate participants to individually step out of old behavior and habits and  guide you to embrace the new. Truly an incredible program for individuals seeking a higher quality of life in their recovery.”

“Melissa provided a safe space for us to speak our minds and feel completely supported. The integral approach confirmed my beliefs that recovery must be viewed holistically; there is no “one stop shop” – to recover from addiction. The four different quadrants offer complimentary perspectives on what is needed to exist in this world and feel more at ease and most importantly - whole. I walked away from this program with more knowledge and tools in my toolbox that I have begun to utilise today. I don’t want to just be sober, I want to have a quality life, and this program has helped me get to a point where I feel confident that I can have that.”

I presented about Integral Recovery Toronto at the Inner Arts Collective's conference Shaping the Future of Healing

November 17-19, 2017 in Toronto. This conference was for practitioners of the healing arts, to improve our individual and collective impact in the communities we serve.


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