My bookings are closed, and will re-open in early 2021 ūüĖ§


In a single, hour-long coaching session, we will discuss your coaching topic of choice. A coaching topic is a current life challenge or question. I will offer new approaches and perspectives, and you will receive a takeaway practice to help you reflect and build new competency in your topic.


Over 5 hour-long sessions, we will discuss your coaching topic of choice. A coaching topic is a current life challenge or question. 


I will create a coaching program and set of objectives specifically tailored for you, with takeaway practices designed for you to facilitate your growth, increase your self awareness, and build new skills and capabilities. At the end of our final session, you will receive a completion plan, which will help you integrate your learnings and carry them forward. We will meet every two weeks via Zoom. 


The Enneagram is one of the most powerful, transformative development tools that humans have discovered. The Enneagram archetypal system has existed for centuries, and many wisdom teachers, psychotherapists, researchers, and others have contributed to furthering its development. After you book this package, you will receive an email with instructions to complete the Integrative Enneagram Assessment - the most comprehensive and statistically valid Enneagram testing tool in the world. You will then receive a 42-page Enneagram Assessment report personalized to you. We will have two coaching sessions to help you understand and use your Enneagram report. In the first of our two coaching sessions, we will debrief about your Enneagram type and the related motivation, fears, strengths, blind spots, and areas of development. In our second coaching session, we will co-create a plan to help you develop greater self-discovery, personal awareness, and new skills, based on your Enneagram. 

To discuss a sliding scale or pay-what-you-can fees, please email me

Melissa Armstrong
Toronto, Worldwide

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