Practice: The 5-Minute Dance Party

November 13, 2017


Dark mornings getting you down? Feeling like you can’t drag yourself out of bed these days? Well, let me tell you about a scientifically valid* practice that you can do to cure yourself. It’s called the 5-Minute Dance Party. Simply select the most ass-wiggling song you can find in your phone, blast it, and shake what your momma/papa/guardian gave ya. Shake it like no one is watching**. Repeat daily until the end of March.


*There is no known research on this technique, and I am not a scientist. I’m just asking you to trust me.

**Initially, if you’re shy, this practice might work best when no one, or only the ones you love, is/are watching. Over time, it’s critical to share the joy that is this practice with others.

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Melissa Armstrong
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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