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What is THE WORK?

What is THE WORK?

THE WORK is the work of your life. It’s learning to be a fucking resilient human being. It’s getting your shit together, it’s waking up, it’s growing up, it’s stop harming the planet, it’s start reaching out to people, it’s start meditating. It’s stop drinking so much, it’s stop drinking at all, it’s relapsing, it’s promising yourself that this time it’ll be different. It’s finding meaning every day, not just in the BIG times, but also in the small times. All the times. All the moments. It’s being gentle with your child when you wanna scream. It’s being gentle with yourself when you failed as a parent. It’s loving your hernia so it stops bothering you. It’s getting to the root of the issue. It’s reading a damn book. It’s putting down your phone. It’s collecting stones. It’s healing your trauma. It’s bearing witness to the trauma of others. It’s saying you’re an alcoholic and you’re ok with that. It’s trying the same shit and expecting different consequences. It’s finally writing down your feelings. It’s forgiving your mom and dad. It’s forgiving yourself. It’s starting over. It’s taking years to leave the relationship. It’s stop being so scared of everything all the time. It’s letting people see you, know you, love you. It’s having the experience. It’s not accepting the status quo. It’s accepting that you can’t fix everything at once. It’s accepting there’s nothing to fix.

It’s working.

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