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What is Integral Recovery Toronto?

One of my superpowers is being a recovering alcoholic. Another one of my superpowers is empathy. I am also a kick ass coach. I love development and systems and taking the most complete approach to figuring out how to solve a problem. I put these things together to create Integral Recovery Toronto, an 8-week group coaching program for people in recovery from addictions/alcoholism.

In recovery, it can feel like the cards are stacked against us. It can feel overwhelming. You might be thinking, "I am sober, but now what? Is this all there is?" I want to give you the most complete map of recovery that is available. You will use this map to figure out where to focus your development. Together, we will work on skillbuilding to support you to thrive. After 8 weeks, you'll leave the group with an understanding of what's next for you in your recovery.

To advertise this group, I picked an image of a mountain. The mountain resonates with me. The mountain represents the work, the adventure, the power, and the exhilaration of recovery. With the right map and the right tools, that massive challenge becomes an unparalleled opportunity to become the best person that you can be - to tap your strength and take life to the next level.

By participating in this group, you'll receive camaraderie and peer support, group motivation and encouragement, and practices designed just for you. We will focus each week on a different theme. For example, in the week when we discuss how to make meaning, we will all brainstorm ways in which we can create meaning in our lives. I will work one on one with each of you to come up with a practice to deepen meaning in your life. You will try it out for the week, do some self-reflection and journaling, and report back to the group about your learnings the next week. You will build skills and deepen your self-awareness.

I think of recovery as a gift that has helped me to be awake in the world. It has accelerated me on my path of living a good, thriving, decent life. Now, I am trying to bring forward tools and an approach to help other people.

I want you to reach out to me if you're thinking about joining the group. We can talk about your needs, and whether this is a fit for you. Reach me at melissa@strongarm.ca or sign up: https://www.strongarm.ca/integral-recovery-toronto

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