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Integral Recovery Toronto: A little recap

In the spring, I facilitated my first Integral Recovery Toronto (IRT) group coaching session. IRT is for people in recovery from addiction. I put together this group because I am passionate about recovery from addiction. In my own recovery journey, I found that something was missing. I was looking for a modern approach to recovery, one that includes as many perspectives and tools as possible. I wanted to work on my development as a human being. I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I decided to start my own group: Integral Recovery Toronto.

Here are some of the lessons I learned from the first coaching group:

People in recovery are super self-reflective,

Deeply listening to people’s stories is a gift,

Behaviour change takes time and self compassion,

Figuring our how to channel restless energy into something positive is really common in recovery,

Play is an important part of life!

We can judge ourselves for how far along we think we should be in recovery, only to realize that it took a LOT of work to get where we are now.

We need to use a complete map to understand the territory of recovery.

Participants broadened their recovery by: reconnecting to daily physical activity, building new habits, meditating, developing a more complete system of self-care for their lives, connecting with peers in recovery, incorporating journaling and self reflection into their week, using the group to help them be accountable to try new things and report back the following week. And. A lot more. It was pretty magical. I am committed to keep going on this journey. I want to build something for the future of recovery. Everyone's recovery.

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