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What is good about your recovery?

What is good about your recovery from addiction?

I asked this question to participants during the first week of my Integral Recovery Toronto group coaching program in April. It was not a popular question! Why? Probably because there is a lot of shame and guilt and general “ugh” about thinking back to our drinking and using, so we associate this “ugh” with the present moment. Like, why do we have to be on this journey? However. The present is good, and we are here and safe and recovering and doing our best.

So … what is good about recovery? I’ll answer for myself: Recovery is a gift. It has helped me work through shame and trauma and depression and anxiety. I’ve stopped feeling angry all the time. If I hadn’t recovered, I would never have been able to know myself at the deepest levels. I’ve stopped waking up hungover and full of regret. I’ve stopped waking up trying to remember what happened. I have a whole other level of spiritual awareness thanks to deep meditative practice. Meditation is one of the gifts of my recovery. It is also a basic necessity, since I need to take time every day to connect to my inner experience. When I don’t do this, I feel anxious and fearful. When I do practice, I get a better sense of what is up with me.

If you feel stuck, or down about your recovery, try reframing it. What is possible for you now? What is awesome about your journey? What have you learned about yourself and others? These questions will shift your mindset and open up new possibilities. 

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