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Evolving: Mindfulness Edition

Most of my projects start out as experiments. When I started the weekly Mindfulness + Recovery sitting group in January of 2019, my intention was to create a space for people in addiction recovery, people thinking about recovery, and people who are simply interested in learning about mindfulness practice, to come together. It was an experiment to see how much interest was out there, particularly in the east end of Toronto, for a weekly mindfulness sitting group.

Because mindfulness has been a foundational practice in my life, I love sharing it with others. Mindfulness has helped me understand my extremely busy mind, and my panic and anxiety; it has helped me to create healthy coping mechanisms; it has served a pretty deeply spiritual purpose in my life; it has introduced me to so many amazing people. It has helped me to know myself.

Over the last eight months, lots of folks have come to our weekly group: people in addiction recovery, and folks who are just interested in mindfulness. So, this experiment is evolving to become more inclusive of the community we're creating together. The group is now called East End Mindfulness. Our principles are Rest, Resilience, Recovery. I'm not entirely dropping the focus on recovery (because yo, I'm an alcoholic), but I want to meet people where they are, and our attendees have diverse lives, interests, and needs.

We'll be meeting on Thursdays, at 6:30pm, at 59 Cambridge Avenue (the Centering Space), in Toronto. It's $10, or pay what you can. The theme for September is Mindfulness Practice in Daily Life, and the theme for October is Anxiety. Check out our new website www.eastendmindfulness.com and sign up for our email list torontoeastendmindfulness@gmail.com

And finally, if you've been lurking on the internets, looking at the details of this group, but not attending, I would love to hear from you. I know you're lurking. Show yourselves! Is there something you're looking for, but not seeing? Are you shy? I would love to hear your feedback. And sign up for the email list. Ok. Bye for now.

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