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Hey there. Just checking in.

For months now, I have been practicing rest. I have been deepening my practice of rest by saying no, by really considering my intention before saying yes, and by saying nothing at all. And when I say I'm resting, I mean I'm working full time, but I am not doing anything else "productive." What I've learned: I just want to keep resting. I don't want to be hyper productive. The fact that I judge myself for "just" working full time means I have some more unlearning to do. And I need more rest. And I am not sorry.

I want to lie down in the woods. I want to walk my dog. I want to be offline. I want to write in my journal and look at my tarot cards and be bored and read books and stop clenching my jaw. I want to heal my achilles tendinitis to the point that it is really gone for good this time. I want to listen to my body. I want to feel my heart open. I want to make space for my quiet mind, and not be dominated by my overthinking, anxious mind. I have to let this practice of rest continue until it seeps into my being.

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